Indoor and outdoor Battery Energy Storage Solution 100kW/200kWh


All-in-one, IP54 BESS for industrial and commercial applications.

Step into a smarter way of managing energy. Our IP54-rated compact cabin is suitable for commercial, industrial, and real estate installations, and it’s compatible with PV panels.

A cutting-edge solution designed for small-scale industrial and commercial energy storage is the 50kW/100kWh lithium battery energy storage outdoor cabinet. This advanced product seamlessly combines a lithium battery system, PCS, EMS management, and offers support for multiple operational modes. It is well-suited for a range of applications, including backup power provision, peak load optimization, electrical energy storage, and seamless integration of new energy sources.


Technical features

  • Highly flexible configuration and robust expandability, supporting parallel operation with multiple groups.
  • Utilizes a PACK modular standard design for easy combinations and convenient maintenance.
  • Equipped with comprehensive protection functions, including fire protection, access control, and thermal management systems.
  • A touch LCD screen displays various parameters, records, status, alarms, and other information.
  • Offers multi-functionality with support for various operating modes.
  • Implements a three-level BMS management system, ensuring the safety and reliability of the entire system from individual cells to the overall system.
  • Enables remote monitoring through either wired or wireless 4G communication.

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