Utility-scale Outdoor BESS


Tyr series modular Battery Energy Storage System for new or reused batteries with capacities 240kWh and 300kWh.

The Hagal Tyr Series is a utility-scale Battery Energy Storage System suitable for quick deployment in a variety of outdoor applications. It features robust design, high energy density, quality at all levels and a modular system to deliver battery capacity in excess of 1 MWh.


Tyr Series is designed to meet a high degree of compliance for safety:

  • Explosion proof
  • Fire extinction options
  • Toxic gas detection options
  • IP65 sealed and controlled environment with built in air conditioner


Easy installation and maintenance – suitable for different environments:

  • The utility-scale unit fits directly on to a small truck
  • Lockable front panel for quick access to the surge protection device
  • Quick mount, high amperage and highly reliable contacts
  • Lockable doors provide easy access to battery packs during maintenance and inspection
  • Dedicated earthing connection near ground level


Energy Management System:

  • Local system control management for electrical systems, HVAC, BMS
  • Wireless cloud connection
  • Secure connection


Battery technology:

  • A modular platform suitable for new and reused batteries
  • New batteries are based on LFP chemistry providing lower fire risk
  • Reused batteries from electrical vehicles will be based on NMC chemistry
  • Available with a variation of capacities starting with 240kWh and 300kWh


William Braathen

William Braathen

Chief Commercial Officer

+47 906 45 766

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