Maximising battery life for a cleaner tomorrow

We are Hagal, a Norwegian company creating smart batteries. Our technology extends the lifetime of new batteries and gives used batteries a second life.



Over the next few years, millions of EV batteries will retire from road service. With Hagal´s Rebel technology, these batteries can get a new life in stationary energy storage systems.


To meet the urgent need for batteries at scale, we are building Hagal´s Battery LifeCycle Hub.


This is our production facility for new batteries and Centre of Excellence for testing, analysing and repurposing used batteries. We make sure each battery cell gives green energy until its last breath.


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The next generation technology for storage


Together with our Cloud EMS platform, Hagal offers modular solutions for megawatt sized Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Our turnkey solutions are designed to meet the highest standards for safety and emission free operations.



Utility-scale Outdoor BESS

Modular systems that grow with the user


Indoor and outdoor Battery Energy Storage Solution 100kW 200kWh

All-in-one, IP54 BESS for industrial and commercial applications.


Hagal Flow - Cloud EMS

Harness data to optimise energy flow patterns with our Energy Management System


Latest updates

Hagal AS Announces Unilateral Termination of Acquisition Agreement with Entheos, Reaffirms Commitment to Hardware Technology Path


Empowering Progress New Battery Storage System Ready for C&I Market

Empowering Progress: New Battery Storage System Ready for C&I Market


Entheos Energy BV announces the sale of Hagal Ocean AS

Entheos Energy BV announces the sale of Hagal Ocean AS


Hagal, an Entheos company, reached a major milestone.

Hagal reached a major milestone


Working at Hagal

We are inventors. We are problem solvers. We spearhead new technologies.


We create positive energy. We pave the way for green transition. And we are always on the lookout for more people with passion and talent to join our team.