Building the Future of Batteries.
Hardware Technology for Peak Performance.

Engineering the ultimate turnkey battery solution, with single-cell control.

We are Hagal, a company creating smart batteries. Our technology extends the lifetime of new batteries and gives used batteries a second life.

changing the game in battery world.

Making the world a better, and safer place

Drive a sustainable future with our groundbreaking battery technology. Join us to revolutionize the battery industry and accelerate the clean energy transition.

Our innovative approach, utilizing recycled materials from spent battery cells, unlocks the full potential of renewable energy storage, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow.


A purpose driven tech start-up, founded in Oslo in 2018.


We enable a sustainable future through revolutionary technology. This is our purpose and passion.


Highly motivated and passionate problem-solvers.


We are creating intelligent batteries, by bringing new life to used battery and B cells, strengthening circular economy.


Transformative Battery Solutions for a Sustainable Future.


We are building battery solutions that support the electrification of society,
ending dependency on fossil fuels.

Advantage of our Technology

Hagal's Proprietary
CTP Technology

At the forefront of hardware innovation lies our SBMS technology. This intelligent system optimizes battery performance through innovative hardware design, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

By extending battery life and minimizing the need for new cells, we promote a cleaner future.

Drastically Safer

Drastically Safer

Unique Battery Packaging

Unique Battery Packaging

Chemistry Agnostic

Chemistry Agnostic

AI & Data Engine

AI & Data Engine

Compared to Traditional Systems:

The Future is Charged:
Where Battery Innovation Takes Us Next

At Hagal, we forge the foundation for tomorrow’s breakthroughs. Our advanced battery hardware fuels innovation, powering a future charged with possibility.

Faster EV Charging | Drivers Back on the Road Sooner

Our innovative battery tech eliminates grid limitations, delivering reliable high-power for faster charging. Businesses can reduce charging times and keep drivers on the road.

Grid-Ready Storage | Power the Future of Renewables

Effortlessly scale your energy storage with our safe, cost-effective building blocks. Built-in intelligence ensures reliable operation, making renewable energy a reality for your business.

Custom Battery Modules | Powering Your Energy Needs

Partner with us to craft custom battery solutions. Together, we understand your specific requirements and design the perfect power source for any application. Our design ensures scalability for future growth.

Hagal's Adaptable Battery Solutions

Hagal makes future-proof battery systems that work with all types of batteries, even new ones that haven’t been invented yet.

They’re kind to the environment by using recycled materials and giving old batteries new life.

Their systems can be used for anything that needs batteries, like electric cars, storing energy for the power grid, and even internet-connected devices.

from the desk of CEO

Maximising battery life for a cleaner tomorrow

“At Hagal, we’re not just building batteries, we’re revolutionizing the way we power our world. Our adaptable systems work seamlessly with any technology, ready to conquer the energy challenges of tomorrow.

Hagal’s batteries are more than powerful – they’re a key to a brighter future. Join us in leading the charge towards a cleaner, stronger tomorrow.”

Christian Fredrik Ringvold

Co-Founder, Chair & CEO
Hagal Case Study

Maximizing Performance: Insights from Hagal

Real-World Stories of Hagal Technology in Action

Smart Energy Storage to accelerate green energy transition

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Hagal’s Technology Powers Energy Efficiency at Europris Råde

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