Hagal Flow – Cloud EMS

Hagal Flow is a cloud-based Energy Management System that empowers you and your team to optimise energy flow in your battery energy storage system.

Hagal Flow features all the necessary functionality to set up, control and monitor the charge and discharge cycles for your battery system.

  • Hagal Flow uses AI to optimise energy management for your BESS device behind the meter
  • Standard browser-based user interface for broad platform compliance
  • A local controller in the BESS device will run autonomously according to the latest presets for charge and discharge
  • The cloud platform processes various data sources to optimise charge and discharge cycles
  • Housekeeping like air conditioner, PCS control and BMS supervision is handled by the local controller
  • Wired, WiFi or 4G/5G secure connection
  • Real-time reporting for energy usage, AC frequency, voltage and BMS status like battery temperature, state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH)
  • API to import and export data to 3rd part systems


William Braathen

William Braathen

Chief Commercial Officer

+47 906 45 766

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