Hagal and Frydenbø join forces to solve climate headache

Hagal and Frydenbø join forces
Frydenbø industri wanted to reduce the climate footprint of their solutions by reusing batteries. Through StartupLab´s 20tretti program, they found a perfect match in Hagal.

The clock is ticking towards 2030, the year we aim to be fossil fuel free. StartupLab´s 20tretti program is a climate program that brings climate headaches and climate solutions into dialogue. 19 renowned Norwegian companies are being matched with startups that offer a solution for their climate challenges.

Frydenbø industri is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of products and services for marine and land-based industries, as well as the offshore industry. The company entered the 20tretti program with an open mind, hoping to find an ambitious startup that could offer the climate solution that they were envisioning, reducing marine emissions.

-We wanted to cut emissions for maritime shipping, using affordable, future-proof battery solutions. New batteries are expensive, resource-intensive to produce and are an economic barrier for our customers. That made us wonder if cheaper and more sustainable alternatives would soon be available, says Kjetil Veseth, CMO in Frydenbø industri.

–Discovering a Norwegian startup working on pioneering battery technology that can meet our needs and make our deliveries more sustainable, was a pleasant surprise. We are excited to be joining forces with Hagal to solve this challenge, he adds.

Maximizing impact through collaboration

Hagal was introduced to Frydenbø´s climate headache and realized there was a good match. Hagal is heavily invested in the development of battery technology that allows a second life for used batteries. A technology enabling a shift in the circular economy from recycling to reuse. While working relentlessly towards the launch of this unique solution, Hagal’s subsidiary, Hagal Ocean, delivers innovative battery storage solutions in the marine industry.

–Hagal is driven by the desire to develop battery solutions that can address global energy challenges. In the short run, we can deliver battery solutions that are safer, more affordable and flexible than traditional batteries, accelerating electrification. In the longer run, we will even be able to deliver technology that can diagnose and repurpose used batteries for much needed energy storage. The overall goal of Hagal is to offer battery solutions that reduce industries`dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner environment, says Christian F. P. Ringvold, CEO in Hagal.

–We are proud to be helping a renowned company like Frydenbø solve their climate headache. Bringing our heads together, we are increasing our chances to succeed in implementing solutions that have a major impact on the environment, Ringvold explains.

On Thursday, 28th of October, Hagal is presenting our solution at the StartupLab 20tretti final at Forskningsparken.

Read more about the initiative here.

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