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Where cutting-edge battery technology meets the vision of a more sustainable, empowered tomorrow.

The Future Beyond Conventional Batteries.

Introducing Revolutionary Rebel Core™ BMS

Hagal Rebel Core™ BMS is the future of battery management. Through intelligent cell-level control, it optimizes performance, simplifies systems, and paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient tomorrow.

Rebel Core™ Takes Control

Get the Most Out of Every Cell in your System.

Longer Life & Peak Performance

Unlike ordinary batteries, where one weak link can drag everything down, Hagal Rebel Core™ is smarter. It treats each cell individually, squeezing out all the available power.


Never let a weak cell hold the system back. Hagal Rebel Core™ technology obliterates the limitations of conventional batteries.

Less Clutter, More Power with Rebel Core™

Hagal Rebel Core™ integrates everything you need, cell-by-cell control included, into a sleek, space-saving design. This streamlined approach not only minimizes clutter but also optimizes performance.

Hagal Rebel Core™ delivers the power you crave with a simple, hassle-free experience.


Lots of Wires, Limited Power

Conventional Battery Management System

The messy wires and bulky inverter - the traditional architecture of a conventional battery system. functional, it relies on a network of cabling and a dedicated inverter to convert DC battery power to usable AC power.


This conversion process inherently introduces energy losses, impacting overall system efficiency. Likelihood of connection issues and  maintenance challenges.

Simple Design, Unleashed Power

Cell Level Management using Rebel Core™

Hagal Rebel Core™ redefines battery system design for superior efficiency and performance. This revolutionary approach minimizes energy losses and simplifies the overall system, enhancing both efficiency and reliability.


The clean and streamlined design reflects Hagal Rebel Core™'s commitment to maximizing energy output while minimizing complexity.

Untamed AC Power Directly. No More Stone Age Inverters?

Overcoming the Inverter Bottleneck with Efficiency

Hagal - Where Power Knows No Bounds

Forget about energy-leeching inverters that limit your battery's potential. The technology eliminates the need for inverters altogether, tapping directly into the raw power within your battery.


This isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolution. The Hagal Rebel Core™ is highly efficient and the future of battery storage available today.

Power That Lasts
Hagal Rebel Core™ - Unmatched Battery Performance

Extended Battery Capacity

Hagal breaks free from these limitations. Our Rebel Core™ technology taps into previously inaccessible energy reserves within your battery

Reduced Variation

As Battery age, performance can vary wildly. Hagal conquers this chaos. Our Rebel Core™ technology individually manages each cell even as your battery ages.

Rebel Core™ provides Uninterrupted Performance

Enhanced Reliability Through Rebel Core™

Maintain System Uptime and Performance

Hagal Rebel Core™ keeps your power on, even if a cell goes rogue. No more system shutdowns from weak links. Our smart technology watches every cell and isolates any troublemakers, keeping the rest of your battery running strong.


Enjoy uninterrupted performance and complete peace of mind. Hagal Rebel Core™: Power you can trust.

Optimizing Battery Performance Through Advanced Cell Management.

Unlocks 30-40% more capacity from your batteries with intelligent cell management. This not only squeezes out hidden power, but also extends battery life by the same impressive margin.

By treating each cell individually, Hagal Rebel Core™ breaks free from the restrictions of conventional systems, maximizing overall performance and delivering smarter power for a longer lifespan.