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Hagal´s founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Kent Thoresen, was invited to introduce Hagal and our technology in the TU podcast “Teknisk Sett”.

Listen to the episode: Norwegian battery technology takes control of the battery and makes it cheaper, more flexible and gives it a longer life.

Arendal: Few have heard of the Norwegian company Hagal, named after the Nordic rune for power. They have developed and patented a technology that can alter the behavior of a battery in milliseconds. They equip each cell in a battery, whether new or used, with electronics that monitor and control the cell. This ability to control individual cells and how they are connected and disconnected is entirely unique.

Firstly, this allows them to build batteries from used batteries and so-called B-cells, which are new cells sorted out and not achieving A-classification. Up to 20 percent of battery factory production results in B-cells, which are often discarded today. With Hagal’s AI-based technology, these can now be utilized.

The ability to control each cell in milliseconds naturally enables optimal charging and discharging management. Moreover, they can connect and disconnect individual cells in this manner. This capability allows them to configure the battery to output alternating current instead of direct current, without using an inverter. It may sound unusual, but what they do is sequence cells with different time intervals to create what resembles a sinusoidal curve. This means they can power AC motors and serve as backup batteries in power grids without the need for as much costly additional equipment as currently required. The battery can be reconfigured for entirely different applications in milliseconds, whether it’s frequency regulation of the grid, handling peak demands, or storing surplus power.

Cheaper, much more flexible, and able to optimize both new and used batteries with up to 30 percent longer lifespan. Additionally, it can be used with all types of battery chemistries – it sounds like something the world needs, and it’s Norwegian. Odd Richard Valmot and Jan M. Moberg, Teknisk Sett.

Today, we speak with the man who conceived the technology and established Hagal, Kent Thoresen.

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Copyright © 2020-2024 Hagal AS.
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