From Parliament to Hagal

The Conservative party’s Creative Advisor becomes the Digital Creative Strategist in Hagal. – My dream to work with green technology and help solve energy challenges has come true, says Joachim Husby.

As a Creative Advisor for Erna Solberg and the Conservative’s parliamentary group, Husby has worked with brand building, digital strategy, creative concepts and content in the Conservative Party’s channels. He has played a central role in the work of making politics more understandable, creating awareness of the Conservative Party’s issues and running a digital election campaign. Now he is moving from politics to the battery industry, where he’ll use his talents and expertise to highlight Hagal´s brand and technology.

– It has been incredibly rewarding to work inside the political system and participate in election campaigns. I have followed the Prime Minister’s visits to many green start-ups around the country, and been inspired by many entrepreneurs’ great passion for solving climate problems. This interest led me to Hagal, who has sustainability at the core of everything they do. The company’s solution for reusing batteries will be an important contribution to the circular economy, Husby explains.

Pushes for green transition

In Hagal, Husby has taken on the role of Digital Creative Strategist with responsibility for the company’s digital channels, creative concepts and content strategy. The Head of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability, Mona Øverby, is very happy to have Husby on the team.

– It’s really fun to get a digital and creative head such as Husby’s caliber into the company. His breadth and experience are worth their weight in gold for a start-up like Hagal. As a driving force for green transformation and electrification, Hagal has an exciting and important story to tell. Here, Husby gets a lot of leeway, says Øverby.

In addition to working with the Conservative party, Husby has a background as a Creative Advisor for Petter Stordalen, a Concept Developer in Schibsted, a Creator in Geelmuyden and Kiese, with a Bachelor focused in Art Direction from Westerdals.

-In Hagal, the goal is to create engaging, educational and relevant content that builds people’s knowledge of the role of the battery in the climate race and contributes to more sustainable decisions. I look forward to getting started with this, says Husby.

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Copyright © 2020-2024 Hagal AS.
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