Safe Indoor Energy Solution


The Eoh Series is an indoor energy system built to comply with the highest standards for fire safety.

The low profile all-in-one energy system easily fits narrow utility rooms for real estate applications, in single or dual pack configuration.

The Eoh Series features a low-profile cabinet with a sealed IP67 DNV-approved battery chamber and built-in fire suppression. The battery compartment eliminates the need for a dedicated battery room. Potentially toxic gases will be carried out of the building by a pipe from the built-in pressure relief valve, protecting human health. 


Technical features

  • Single pack 50kWh or dual pack 100kWh LFP chemistry

  • Built-in 30kVA 3-phase PCS for 400V AC system


  • Built-in local EMS controller to connect to FLOW – Hagal cloud based Energy Management System

  • Built-in HVC, breakers and redundant BMS system for the highest degree of safety

  • Built-in redundant logic for overcharging, deep discharge, overload and high temperature


William Braathen

William Braathen

Chief Commercial Officer

+47 906 45 766

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