Hagal´s Battery LifeCycle Hub

To meet the urgent need for batteries at scale, we created Hagal´s Battery LifeCycle Hub. This is our production facility for new batteries and Centre of Excellence for testing, analysing and repurposing used batteries. We optimise the utilisation of each battery cell, giving new and used batteries a longer life and supreme environmental performance.


Our technology maximises the life cycle of new and used EV batteries, making sure every battery cell is used to its last ounce of energy.

A net-zero society requires products with a low carbon footprint. Adding this to the massive need for production and storage of intermittent renewable energy, batteries are becoming a key technology in the realisation of green energy ambitions.


Hagal´s LifeCycle Hub is a sustainable and low impact unit in the emerging industry of batteries. It is where we spearhead battery technology, assemble battery energy storage systems and build strong industry expertise.

Norway is leading the way in sustainable battery production. With our strong process industry, energy entrepreneurship and abundance of clean energy, we are in the vanguard of the battery technology race.


With Hagal´s Rebel technology, we want to help mitigate the environmental cost of battery production, reducing the need for mineral extraction, chemical waste, and the use of fossil energy in the manufacturing process.


Making sure each battery cell is used to its last ounce of energy is good news for the environment and economy. It enables more affordable and sustainable solutions, and increased opportunities for green investments. 

The reuse of batteries is a cornerstone in Hagal´s strategy and technology, propelling large-scale deployment of used EV batteries. We invest heavily in technology and strategic partnerships, collaborating with companies and industries that want to develop more sustainable business models and focus on circular solutions.

EV batteries repurposed for energy storage systems can help meet the world´s power needs as early as 2030.

Lifting the Norwegian battery industry


Hagal is part of the EYDE Cluster, the Norwegian Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Process Industry. We contribute to the development of the value chain for batteries, strengthening the opportunities and economy for battery reuse.


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