Hagal will electrify the shipping industry with new battery technology

Hagal has acquired Norwegian Ocean Power AS (NOP). The goal is to help the maritime industry’s green transition through electrification, making battery technology the natural first choice.

The Norwegian government’s  ambition of halving emissions by 2030, in addition to the International Maritime Organisation’s goal of at least half globally by 2050, is giving a boost to  green shipping in the maritime industry. The technology companies, Hagal AS and Norwegian Ocean Power AS (NOP), are joining forces to accelerate the development of a next generation of marine battery solutions.

–The potential for reducing emissions and creating sustainable growth in the maritime industry using battery technology is enormous, but there has been a lack of smart and cost-efficient solutions that make this technology a natural first choice. This is where Hagal plays an important part, says Christian Ringvold, the CEO of Hagal AS.

Hagal is developing a technology that uses artificial intelligence to optimise and reuse battery cells. The technology enables a longer life cycle for batteries and used batteries are collected and reused in future applications. The result is more efficient energy storage, reducing emissions and lowering costs.

A circular solution

There is a large demand for green, circular solutions in the maritime industry, but traditional battery solutions are too complicated and expensive, and are therefore not chosen. Hagal wanted to  solve this challenge.

-By combining NOP´s marine battery solutions with Hagal´s technology, we are able to offer a competitive alternative to traditional solutions. The ambition is to make electric and emission-free solutions a natural first choice for everyone, building a more sustainable industry, says Ringvold.

Hagal is positioning itself towards the international market, but  Norway will be the primary focus. They are collaborating with customers in aquaculture and shipping, and scaling up fast. Hagal Assets AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagal AS,  is the buyer of Norwegian Ocean Power AS.

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Copyright © 2020-2024 Hagal AS.
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